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What are the Keyword and Data driven frameworks?

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Hi Ravi,

Data driven framework means  we can execute one functionality with multiple values and keyword means based on keyword we can execute different scenarios i.e End to End .

Plz correct me if i am wrong...


Raghavendra N

Yeah,its true

Can you elaborate how data driven Framework works. .............. Its a just knowledge sharing

Thanks Manu. I was struggling to run the scripts together. Thanks once again. The link was useful.


Data driven frameworks is concept provided by qtp or an automation tool in order to implement retesting 

steps to be followed

 = Collect the data into the datatable 

= Generate the basic script

= Do required enhancements to the script & parameterise the script

= Execute the script

= analysis the result


correct me if i am  

Hello Shiva,

How do you Collect the data into the datatable,


TTWT Magazine





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