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Hello all,

             Why breakpoints use in selenium test cases?




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My name is Priti, I work with Team Testrig Technologies, leading Web Automation Testing Services providers in the USA and India.

So, According to me...Breakpoints are helpful to check the execution of your code. It helps you to identify that your code is working correctly or not 

Breakpoints are not related to Selenium specifically. Its basically provided on the IDE platform through which are executing your code.

For qa services Breakpoints are used to debug your code. To check through which particular point your code is failing, you can put break point before that. After that step by step, you can verify where is the cause of script/test case failing.

Debugging is the basic process which we use to find out the root cause of script failing. You can add multiple breakpoints in your code. Step Over, Step Into, Play/Resume, Step Return are the various actions we perform to debug the code. 


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