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Hi All .....

1. What is Seibel ?
2. What is Seibel Testing ? and how do we perform seibel testing ?
3. What are Seibel Testing techniques ?
4. Is Seibel Testing done Manually or Automated ?


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Generally, Siebel is a prominent vendor of interoperable e-business software. They also call themselves Siebel Systems. The company's customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource management (ERM), and partner relationship management (PRM) applications are designed to automate those aspects of business and allow an enterprise to perform and coordinate associated tasks over the Internet and through other channels, such as retail or call center networks. Siebel's customers include Chase Manhattan Bank, Deutsche Telecom, IBM, Lucent, Yahoo, and Microsoft.

Read this article: http://relevantcodes.com/category/qtpsiebel/


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