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In person name Generator of TestersDesk.com
Given particular inputs according to the constraints and generated the results, in the generated results I had copy the seed value and pasted in the seed value text box without giving any inputs but I am getting here an error message like “Error in input. Please refer to information about this tool.”
Seed value is used to generate the old data which we have already generated right? But why we should give the input after giving the seed value also.


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Hi Ramesh,
Yes the question which you have asked is exactly right seed value is used to generate the old data which we have already generated, but the input should be compulsory because the person name Generator is used to generate the random names in different states, if we save the input without the seed value there is no chance of getting the same old data by giving as input.

Ramesh Good Question, why it is showing error because that field is mandatory. Suppose 1st time you ask for 500 person names, it will give 500 person names next time you want more than 500 person names, suppose if you give the previous seed values and Number of names 1000, it will generate the 1000 person names covers 500 person names previously generated.

So that Seed values independent of Number of names Generrated, if increase or decreases the number it will generate the same data according to your required number.

Thanks & Regards


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