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Dear Friends,

I am also freelancing as an Advisor for SBI Life, Kotak Life, TATA AIG General Insurance Companies - Its my pleasure to provide LIFE & NON-LIFE Insurance services to you and your colleagues above all to your family.

I can arrange for posters to be placed on your company notice boards and/or put up a stall, advice your employees/network on this.. Hyderabad only

Need based selling: Know what customer requires and accordingly suggest so that it will be very good for the customer. Hardly anyone does this but I only follow this.




Can pl use these while advising others:

Pension Plan - secure post-retirement life of your and your family (Life long pension for you, after you for your spouse life long pension & FUND VALUE to children)


Scholar Plan - professional educational needs of your children (triple benefit - 1. If you are no more, immediately Sum Assured is paid to the guardian, 2. All future premiums paid by the company, 3. when the child is 18 years, professional education is taken care of..  )


Money Back - get back money at regular intervals of 4 or 5 yrs for short term needs - get 125% benefit...


Hospital Cash Plan - a support plan for medical / health insurance - take care of extra and post hospitalization expenses


Smart Shield – secure your family financially in your absence. Sum Assured is very huge and premium we pay is peanuts.


Shubh Nivesh – double benefit plan where we get one Sum Assured on maturity and another Sum Assured on our demise any age before 100 yrs. Can use this for long term financial needs


Sanjeevan Supreme – get back money every year for 5 years or 10 years.



Many more….



           i) you will get LIFE LONG MONTHLY PENSION,

          ii) after you - your spouse gets the same amount of MONTHLY PENSION LIFE LONG,

         iii) lump sum amount for your DAUGHTER'S MARRIAGE

         iv) after spouse - WEALTH for your CHILDREN - corpus/fund value.

         (you can choose any year after you turn 40 years of age to draw monthly pension, after 3 years you can increase or decrease the yearly premium amount, Traditional Plan - not related to share market)

For a personalized illustration pl give your DOB...

Documents Required:

1. Passport size photos

2. Age proof (xerox): PAN Card / Ration Card / Voter Id / etc

3. Address proof (xerox): Ration Card / Voter Id / Current bill / Water bill / telephone bill / etc

4. Cheques

Refer or Forward this mail to those who wants to have a secure & HAPPY RETIREMENT LIFE - Thank You....

Thank you & Best Regards,

Anand Prem Raj Kolagani
Sr. Testing Engineer

Advisor - SBI Life & Kotak Life, Star Health, TATA AIG General Insurance Companies | M -(+91)9440557921


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