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Dear all,

I have a Issue in my project..I have a Form which saves the entry with a Unique Registration number in the success page,each time which is displayed in a simple text.In another page i choose the drop down to take that Registration number to edit other details.

So By Using script or any other mean,can i take the dynamically changing Registration number and use in the 2nd page.

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Hi Piramu,

Yes you can do that.
After saving the page, using the GetROProperty read the value and store it on some variable. and when u want to select that particular value from the drop down list pass that variable to the select statement.
Eg. WebList(.....).Select variable
Hi Bibin,

Thanks for the Reply, Can u Explain with example or Give this sample Script.

2point i didn't get that's y..
Hi Arun,

Say for example "Registration no." is an edit box where it displays the registration no. after saving the record. So in-order to store that value use the following script:

vRegNo = Browser(...).Page(....).Webedit(...).GetROProperty("text")

The above statement will store the dynamically generated registration no. into the variable vRegNo

Now in the second page, where the registration no. has to be selected from a dropdown list to edit.
Browser(....).Page(....).Weblist(...).Select vRegNo
This will select that registration no. from the dropdown list.

Hope this clarifies you....

Best Regards,


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