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  Can you explained me actual process exactly done in the organization for following scenario?

   Scenario: Test engineer find a bug, store in bug report, and that report send to developers, developer fix that bug. so how tester come to know whether that bug fix or not? How developers and tester communicate with each other.? 

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hi ,
First of all we should know about the Repository(where we maintain all our confidential data like test scripts,reports).
Now a days By using managing tools like QC ,we can easily maintain repository ,Bug tracking and reporting Info..as well.
Now while tester raise a bug means he will raise it in QC.priority and severity like things are set by Lead people..
Dev lead will assign that bug to corresponding developer.There is a Template maintained by the Managing Tools regarding Bug status and all its related things.Whenever any update is occur in that template,it will reflected to concern Developer and Tester.That much of transparent can be maintained by Managing tools....


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