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  Can you explained me actual process exactly done in the organization for following scenario?

   Scenario: Test engineer find a bug, store in bug report, and that report send to developers, developer fix that bug. so how tester come to know whether that bug fix or not? How developers and tester communicate with each other.? 

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The status of the bug changes to 'Fixed' when it is come back to tester from developer. then the tester have to retest the bug which has status 'Fixed'. The communication between the Tester and Developer should be thru Team leader/ Test Lead

Pls Correct me if I am wrong.

Thats True!
A basic bug life cycle is follows...

new is when a tester creates a bug report
open is when a developer accepts the bug report as valid
fixed is when a developer indicates that the bug is fixed
tested is when a tester indicates the bug has been tested
closed is when a tester accepts the bug has been fixed and the report is now closed
This is a very simple workflow. Alternatives to the workflow can happen when for example, bugs are rejected by the developer or a bug fails test and the tester places the bug back to open state. In fact, it can get quite complicated if you let it.

Ankit Mehta
Sr.QA Engineer
InfoStretch Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
This is very clear for the beginers about the Bug life cycle. Thanks Ankit for sharing ur knowledge

Test engr. find a bug, store in Bugreport and that report is not directly send to developer from tester. Its need to approved first. if the bug is approved by manager than only send to developer and fix that bug.and similarly, after fixing it comes to tester through manager only.
When the bug comes to dev. team for the first time, the status is Open and after fixing the bug, status has changed to Fixed.From that only(status of Bug) tester came to know that the bug has fixed.

When a change is made to the defect(status, assigned etc..(Rejected QA/DEv/Re-open/open)), mail is triggered internally to the parties involved.

Developers as part of the release will mention the defects(FIXED) and new features implemented in the Release Notes.

Managers don't have time to update each and every back, it's always 1 on 1 (QA on Dev). When a defect is not accepted by either parties then manger would step in.
When we log a defect then this defect is in new state, when we triage this defect then this can be in assigned/ invalid/ Can not reproducible/deferred state. If it is a valid then we assigned to Developer and then Developer fix this defect and marked that defect as fixed. During build creation defect is marked as retest and assigned to QA track (It varies from company to company). Then tester retest defect in corresponding build and after retesting that defect, they close/reopen the defect according to retesting status.


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