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Hi All,

I am new in software testing .So can anyone share sample bug reports ? It will help me to raising the bug properly.


Thanks to all

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1)   Root cause analysis :wen any issue was found or production during the deployment or it can be anything which is found the QA team(QA lead) will analyse the issue impact and will ensure that scenario was tested during our testing phase or not ,if that was not tested then will check the business requirement whether this scenario was their or not? if not it will raise the new ticket for the same and will estimate the hours to test the scenario



Hi eniyan.m ,


Root cause Analysis is used to measure the root cause of the bug detected by tester.By detecting the root causes, team decides some action items to prevent occurring the same type of defect again and again. And concentrate not to produace those kind of defect in next releases. This is one of the way to reduce defects and to improve the Quality.



thanks Sarita.


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