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How we do database testing using Rational function tester ?

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RFT doesn't provide built in support for database testing. you can try SQuirreL SQL


thank you sandeep

Rational testing tools help you create tests, automate the testing process, and report on the outcome of the tests

there is some brief explaination  that are required to customize and import data from an actual database into Rational Performance Tester and Rational Functional Tester setups

First, we cover creating an infrastructure or an object model that starts with a request, access definition, and column maps for data extraction.

Then we explain generation of a Comma-Separated Values (CSV) file that starts with a request, table maps, and column maps.

Next, we tell you how to import the CSV file into the Rational Functional Tester or Rational Performance Tester data pool creation wizard.

In the last section, we describe how Optim can ensure the integrity of a database that you are testing with Rational Performance Tester.

The course covers JDBC and deals with accessing and querying a database using JDBC and how to perform transaction management, batch updates and mainframe modernization TST277: Essentials of Functional Testing with Rational Robot . TST279: Essentials of IBM Rational Functional Tester, Java Scripting


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