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Difference between Retesting and Regression testing?

diff b/w Retesting and regression testing 

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Retesting -  Consider a scenario where you have reported a bug. The bug is fixed by development team.

You test the affected functionality (where the bug is found ) again to confirm that, reported bug is fixed. This is known as Retesting

Regression testing - Sometimes it happens that while fixing a particular bug, some new bugs gets introduced in previously working modules/functionality.  Hence to ensure that other (previously tested) functionalities are unaffected , all important functionalities  are  tested  again once all bugs are  fixed and before QA signoff is given  .  This is known as regression testing.

Note that regression test cases are subset of system test cases i.e. All test cases are not re-executed. Only those which assures that corresponding modules are stable are taken up in regression test suite.


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Re-Testing is the process to test the bug fixed module.
Regression Testing is the process to test the impact of that bug fixed module on the unchanged areas of software.

Hey both these terms are different and have different meaning. Many believe that regression testing is nothing but retest. But it is not. Re-test as the name suggest is testing the application again and again after completing the source code implementation. At this interval no development is carried out and is done in manual testing. Now regression testing is done especially in automated testing done by ant automation tool. Regression testing is carried out side by side of development so as to check any change or bug detected due to addition of new codes. This is carried out automatically in the background.


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