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I have already shared this question and again sharing this to know the answer of my question.

Actually i want to know any tool by which i can test responsive behavior of all pages of website.

Please let me know if any one have idea. I am using the Browser stack but there is no option to check responsiveness of all pages of a website in one go.


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As most of the software testing services uses below tools to check the responsiveness of the website.

Studio Press

Hope this tools will help you for testing responsiveness of the application

Sorry Anand...still i am not getting any option in above site to test the responsiveness of all pages of a website in one go.

thanks for your advice..


From my experience, off top of my head, I would name the following to 5 web testing services:

1/ Responsinator

2/ Screenfly

3/ Studio Press

4/ Google DevTools' Device Mode

5/ Ghostlab

Hope this will be of use.

There are a lot of options, i.e.:

  1. Online Broken Link Checker
  2. Xenu Link Sleuth
  3. Apache JMeter - this one can work in multithreaded manner and you can define custom criteria

Hi Dmitri,

Thanks for your information. Seems these are used for public sites. But does not support for the links appear post Login.


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