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Response time taken to retrieve the html files alone from any site

Here is a requirement on Performance/Response time calculation of the following scenario ..

Consider the site "news.google.com ".
I am passing a python call inorder to identify the HTML files inside the websites ,and then want to calculate the response time taken to retrieve the html files alone from the site .

Is there any method to identify this response using jmeter .
please help me ..

explain me with screenshots if available .......

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Populate your JMeter test plan as follows:

  • Thread Group
    • HTTP Request to "news.google.com"
      • Regular Expression extractor with the following configuration:
        • Reference Name: LINK
        • Regular Expression: href=\"([^"]*\.html)
        • Template: $1$
        • Match No.: -1
      • ForEach Controller with the following configuration:
        • Input variable prefix: LINK
        • Start index for loop: 0
        • End index for loop: ${LINK_matchNr}
        • Output variable name: CURRENT_LINK

ForEach Controller will iterate on all matching links and you can put your test login under it. Refer to each link as ${CURRENT_LINK} where required. 

This answer is based on Using Regular Expressions in JMeter guide. 


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