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how to calculate the response time of an application

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Response time of an web site means how much time will be required to respond any request from the server to client that count as a response time of an web site.
Response time is differ to differ of all web site, its totally configuration of hardware, app , technology etc.

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this is related to performance criteria, I mean performance engg......................
if you want to calculate it then try to use a tool from Firefox called as Firebug and see how do they get response time for each page. there are other methods also but this would be better to understand and to atleast give you a start .

~ Shirish
You can check the response manually with a stop watch, ideally it shall be between 3-5 sec only.

Open Command Prompt: ping the "server Address" -t
like ping -t
notice the time taken to receive the packets.

There are hell lot of tools to check the response, Fire Bug or any performance testing tool.

Hi abu,

I don't think so, we can calculate response time manually.

S Sarita.
by using a stop watch we can Sarita. The thing is segregating response time attributes is going to be very tedious
first i dont understand what is responce time of an application are you asking for results throwing application or responce time of behaviour of application, can you shoot you question some what clearly, if it is responce of browser then the following will be answer.

the responce time of web sote is depends upon the performance of you machine and speed of your internet connection as 256 kb/512 kb/1 mb like this, depends upon these the responce time will count
responce time is differ from one browser to another
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hi Muniraj
Response time of Website should be within 3 to 4 second, if it taking more time to response then the user will get frustrate.


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