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We have an application and we need to test the performance of that application and the web application is hosted in our intranet. From IE we are unchecked the option of 'Bypass Proxy Server for Local Address' and start recording. But by doing so we are unable to login to the system though we are able to login when we check the 'Bypass Proxy Server for Local Address' option.

In that particular scenario how we actually proceed with JMETER recording?

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First rule: Automation is a Tester

following this rules means you must set the runner as a permitted user within the network.

but if you unable to request for a general-automation user, which is sometimes the case, it has to be reconfigure to run as one of the permitted testers.

following this rule, in some perspective means activate the automation as a real user within the company.

I have a lot of experience with this issue, trying to solve it by overcoming the network rules will cause a different results cases between the automation execution process and the manual testing process.

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Hi  Choudhury,

i have facing the same problem, Jmeter is not recording the authentication window(i.e user name and password) in one of my application, i am searching for the info about this issue from last 15 days, but i didn't get any solution.if u have know the solution please let me know.....................thanks in advance.


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