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              It will  be useful to every one if we have repository of some useful links  and documents.


Thanks and Regards

Nivedita saravanan


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Dear Nivedita,


Thanks for your request. Currently we are working on "QT Database / Repository".


We will keep you updated on this.


-QT Team

QT Team,

                Thanks for your kind information






Do you think we can maintain more info than http://google.coom ???

HI Abu,

      I accept that we have tones and tones in Google, but why still people are asking for doc, pdf, links,ebooks  and raising query because they dont know  how to get resources. we have some resources here and there if we gather it every one can make use of it.

Thanks and Regards


Maintaining resources is NOT at all a problem. Facing the wrath if they are copy righted is a huge mess.


IF anything is available for free, sure we can have a repository here.

Good idea Nivedita. I think it is good to show all the doc / pdf in one page.


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