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can any one explain this

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while First time u got defect  and u posted it.but dev team want to know how to occur that defect then u need to reproduce that step while u got defect. 

Means second time create same  scenario  for that defect. 


For the Reproducible defect you need to specify the steps also so that developer can understand the scenario..


Ashfaq Mohammad.

Reproducible defect means occuring the defect again and again is called reproducible defect 

and the step followed by developers which is given by test engg. is called reproducible step

Note:-steps will be given when the developers unable to understand the defect 
ex:- screen shot.

According to my view, reproducible bug means whenever we follow the same steps, same issue is produced every time and its a consistent(able to reproduce) bug also.

thank u

The issue which you found during your testing phase and if that issue is reproducible than it is know as reproducible issue. Sometimes the issues are occuring only in the environment you are testing.

For ex: You are testing in QA environment and the issue is reproducible only in QA but not Dev environment then it is environment specific issue. Or if the issue is able to reproduce in QA as well as DEV environment then its is reproducible in all env.

Hope this information is helpful.


Megha Bagaria
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thank u


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