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Can anyone please explain me the concept of Release Note & Known issue list with example ?

Hi All, Can anyone please explain me the concept of Release Note & Known issue list with example ? If possible please help me with the format of Release Note & Known Issue List.





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Release Notes: - This is a formal document which comes along with the software/ product to deliver information about delivered modules, new features, how to install, system requirement, list of known issues, and other guide lines. This document depends on company to company. Product industries generally release number of documents, i.e., Installation Guide, Module Guide, Known Issues, System requirement, etc...


Known Issues is nothing but list of issues/defects that exists in the product/solution.

Hi Nabarun,

Release Notes is a document that is released along with each milestone. Provides information to the client regarding the major features of the current release. Format can vary depending upon the company. I am preparing the document in the below format.

Project Name

Revision History



Installation Instructions (Include Environment details and steps)

Release Features

Issue Summary

Known Issue







Release notes are provided for every new release of the build with fixed bugs. It contains what are all the bugs fixed and what are pending bugs.
Deliverables are provided at the end of the testing. Test plan, test cases, defect reports, documented defects which are not fixed etc come under deliverables.


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