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Hi , Where we should start to Regression testing I mean in which phase of Software life cycle ? after Unit testing or Integration testing ?
If anybody have Regression testing materials , ebook then send me.

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Hi....Regressions can be started after unit testing...but make sure that the regressions are performed in the next build or version of the s/w.....I don;t have any regression testing material so won't be able to help u out in this...
Thanks for quick reply
As per definitions ,if a Software is modified for any reason, testing needs to be done to ensure that it works as specified and that it has not negatively impacted any other functionality that the whole system offered previously . This is known as Regression Testing.
To ensure this , we have to do regression after each new change in the Application Under test .
Regression is normally done after System Integration testing .
Thanks for quick reply. have U any material on Regression testing ?
Regression testing:
Testing the already tested functionality on modified build

types of regression:

1.Functional regression : If any new functionality is added
2.Bug regression: After fixing the bug, it will effected any where or not
Hi Hitesh,

1. Regression testing will applicable from the 2nd cycle of the build. (In the first cycle, Tester post the bugs after fixing the bugs again dev. team releases the new build.
2. After completion of Retesting, Regression test will start.
Retest : Test the bug fixed or not.
Regression Test : Is the fixed bug was impacted anywhere in the build.
Regression Test : If the requirement changed/Enhancements added.
Hi Kalyani....can you please put on some light on Retest: Test the bug fixed or not.......because I think retesting is something different from what you have suggested.....please correct me.....if I am wrong...
Hi Gaurav...
Retesting means testing the functionality of the module again and again after fixing the particular Bug for the particular module.Regression testing means testing the module to check whether the changes made have introduced any errors to the further code.It is to check whether the previously working code are working properly.

Please correct me if i am wrong anywhere...
Thanks for reply , Yes U are right .

Hello buddy,

An Incomplete Regression Test Plan

One of the significant things to know about regression testing is that it works best when running early and frequently during each sprint. This is because running them later in the development cycle might yield unfavourable test results.

  • Perform automated metrics against test scripts based on changes to the application.
  • Version control test scripts and software attributes.
  • Maintain test scripts and document software attributes.
  • Document of the application development workflow.
  • Transform the workflow into test scripts.

For the benefit of reduced deadlines, automated incremental regression testing exposed various more errors than were initially anticipated. Regression test automation also discovers new defects that may have arisen from new fixes.


Regression Testing service

As per best practices from quality assurance services,

Unit testing : Unit testing means testing of an individual unit/program built.

Integration Testing: In this stage, all units are combined and tested a group to find out the issue that can occur while interaction of the new modules built along with existing features.

We can perform regression testing regression testing after both Unit testing and Integration testing both.

When there are few number of units/modules to be build

In this case we can perform regression testing after development of each single unit. As there are few number of modules then cost of running regression test after each module will not be a constraint.

When the number to build modules are high in number.

In this case it is recommended that we should do regression testing after a number of modules are built,so that cost to run regression test can be reduced.

Regression testing is another most important type of software testing, while QA or Regression testing companies verify that application or software performs well after applying the code change or new features.

While PerformingRegression testing services already defines test cases that can be executed by the software tester to ensure existing features works without any error

How to do Regression Testing?

In an order to perform Regression testing services there are some steps such as;

  • Test Cases Selection
  • Tool Selection
  • Configuration Management

If you want to explore this topic more, You can consider the below article which is explored by the Testrig Technologies: Guide to Learn Different Types of Regression Testing


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