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Requesting you to tell me the regression types and its explanation?

Requesting you to tell me the regression types and its explanation?

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 I divide it in two parts only :-- They are Partial Regression and Full Regression testing...  but you may get to see 

Unit Regression too... 

Let us see what is Regression testing:-------------

When testing is done to ensure that the changes have not affected the unchanged area of the soft its called regression testing . looking for the side effects of the changes..  in other words we can say : When testing is done to ensure that the fixes has not introduced the new bugs to be appear ....

Regression is done in two situations :---------

 1) If software has been changed ( because of fixes or Adding extra functionality or deleting existing functionality )

 2) If the Environment changes still we will do regression..

For more information about the topic  You can click this below link :



Samrat Jha..


there are two types of regression testing:

Top down approach: in top down approach testing conducting on main modules to submodules if sub modules are not developed and a temporary programme called stub is used to stimulate the sub module.

Bottom up approach: in bottom up approach testing is conducted on sub modules to main modules if main modules are not developed the a temporary programme called driver is used to stimulate the main module

when we do regression testing:

-after defect is fixed

-any new functionality is added

-environment change

-sudden fall in defect density

-if the system undergoes more than 2-4 releases


      I am sorry to interrupt but I have to :- 

Actually Bottom up and Top down are not the types of Regression testing in fact they are the two mostly used approaches of Integration testing ...!

samrat is right 



Unit regression testing-----Testing  only one specific fixed unit or feature .(Specific field)

Region regression testing--Testing the changes and the impact regions is called Regional Regression testing.  (Affecting  other  functionality)

Full regression testing----  Testing the changes and all the remaining features , and  when the changes

                                       are in base done of the application or when environment the modifications or 

                                        changes are more in the  application we will for for full regression testing.




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