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i have taken below points for regression test case of the mobile/desktop app.

can anyone add more points to it. Thanks.

User Interface Testing  Verify the GUI of the app, in general looks good for all the pages.
Functional Testing test new functionalities and go through the major old functinalities
Compatibility Testing test on different operating systems.
Installation testing uninstall the old app and install the new app and then again uninstall.

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We should test it as load and performance testing too.


Alone with those testing, Security testing is important while testing mob app...

while playing game check for internet and in different scenarios of security testing you can check . 

Thanks and REgards,



I think up to the security testing is an other point to design the test case but the testing lyk gaming s/w's, is totally different testing, I guess. because many different points will be take a part to design the TC's for game software.  

We should have to use the Sanity testing for regular basis testing. 

Hi Vaibhav,

It might be one of test cases.. and it plays imp role rite... :)

and as per i am testing mob app now, i can find bugs when netwrk connection is not there.. so just gave option... and it also depends on whether app is depends on network or not.

ohhh alright...which kind of project are you testing? I mean, what specialty it has to determine you to design such test cases (Network base)?? 

Yes...totally correct

Thanks all for your suggestion.

Configuration Testing      Verify if app is working properly on different hardwares..


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