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Explain type of Regression testing with any live example.?


Explain type of Regression testing with any live example.

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Regression Testing is a testing of previously tested program following modification to ensure that defects have not been introduced or uncovered in unchanged ares of the s/w as  a result of the changes made. it is is performed when a s/w or its environment is changed.

 their are 3 types..

Unit regression testing:

testing the only one particular fixed unit or feature .

Region regression testing:

Testing the changes and the impact regions is called Regional Regression testing.

Full regression testing:

testing the changes and all the remaining features .. normally done when the changes are done in the root of the product.. or when evr the modifications or changes r more in the product we do full regression testing..




Thanks for good explanation.

In Region regression testing we can say its belong to one module. suppose some modification in one module then we do Region regression testing and Full regression testing - we do on all associate modules.

Please correct me if I am wrong.


Hitesh Shah


if modification done in one module nd if the module s some where linked wid other two modules we do region regression testing to ensure tat modified module nd linked modules r not been effected nd working as per requirement.. if modifications done in many modules in the project nd if its difficult to recognize the effected modules then we do full regression testing rather than taking risk.. 


Thanks for reply.



       I really appreciate your answer ..!   Now I shall tell You something ..   As far as Partial and Full Regression is concerned , Actually by using Design specs specially LLD we determine the Areas to be impacted by the changes ( technically called Impact Analysis )  It helps us determine whether we should go for Partial regression ( Where some of the test cases from regression suite will be executed ) or We should go for Full regression where complete regression pack will be executed .. 

Hi Veena,


Nice explanation....




Hi Hitesh ...  For how long You will be discussing Regression yaar...   anyway :--    Kindly read my answer carefully :-

Regression testing is of one type that is Regression itself.   Okay .. If You want to Classify it then It can be categorized in two types :--

    1) Unit Regression                       2) Functional Regression .


By keeping levels of testing in mind :- It can be of three types:-

1) Unit Regression 2) Integration Regression 3) System Regression ...


But on behalf of Its Uses :- I am agree with Veena , and We divide It in three types :---

1) Unit Regression , 2) Partial Regression ( Region )  3) Complete or Full Regression ...



Samrat Jha

Hi Samrat,

Thanks for reply and now I understand.


Hitesh Shah


Welcome ...    I have decided to write something more It will give you the ups and downs of Re and Regression testing :---


 When testing is done to ensure that the changes have not affected the unchanged area of the soft its called regression testing ..   looking for the side effects of the changes.. 

Regression is done in two situations 

 1) If software has been changed ( because of fixes or Adding extra functionality or deleting existing functionality )

 2) If the Environment changes still we will do regression..


Retesting:- ( also called Confirmation testing : ):-  when testing is done to confirm that the bug which we reported earlier has been fixed in new build is called retesting ....   but Regression testing means :- testing to ensure that the fixes has not introduced new bugs to be appear...    !


Example:-- You execute 5 test case in which 2 test cases failed ...

Now in new build ( After fixes ) You will execute 2 test cases which failed earlier in Retesting to ensure that the defect has really been fixed....

but You will execute 3 test cases which passed earlier ( in 1st test run ) to ensure that the test cases which were passed has not been affected because of Bug fixes... 


on the whole :--- Retesting after bug fixes to ensure that bug really got fixed ..

but Regression will be done to find out the side effect of the changes.... 


Now My 2nd point :---- Suppose the S/W has not been changed but the Environment has been changed (like a S/W was developed to work with XP but The Client wants that S/W to work with Windows 7 too ) in that case too Regression will be done...!






Hi Samrat,


Nice explanation...





 Welcome Vijay..

Great Explanation.Really 


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