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hi friends,

i have a query, when we mentioning team size of a project in CV should we mention only testing team size or we include dev team of that project also, plz clarify.


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In CV,when you mention about project details you would give the breif description of your project and orally you would explain to the interviewer... but coming to Team Size: only the Quality Team that to who are working along with you for the same project not the on whole of Quality Team.

Hope its clarified.

@ shailaja, savita, saurabh

thnx for the quick replies

Mention only QA Team size ,
Hello Mallik -
As far it concerned about team size - It doesn't matter much as long as you know what is project all bout- and what was the role of the "Tester" -As being a interviewer I don't take into consider what team size -all it matter how much you know bout project and your role.

Software Development /Project life include -Desinger,Developer,Tester,Support & Maintenance =Team.
Eventually on any project all these resources work together to achieve certain goal set for the project and deliver the system to customer/client.
I would say you include your FULL TEAM.

In genaral sense, the team size refers to the QA team size, since you are a part of the QA team. However, this doesn't impact much.
It depends on what sort of an opening are you applying for e.g., If it is for a TESTING position, only the test tem strength is needed.
Only Test team size
frankly when I check the CV of any candidate then I look for the project description and what is the candidates contribution. As far as team size goes the one thing that matters to me is where the candidate stands in team hierarchy.

However If you have to mention the team size then from QA perspective 'QA of that product' is project so you have to mention QA team size


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