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after testing u have founnd 7 significant and 123 minor bugs in your project. There is one project leader, one assistant
project leader and seven developers. After tracking causes for bugs it was observed that all the developers were responsible
the bugs, how will you assign these bugs to development team? justify your approach?

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In Bug Tracking tool u have a option to whom you want to assign that particular bug ... if you don't know to whom you want to assign means, you can assign to project manager he will assign to correspond developer ...
Through the Management tool we can assign for the particular developer, orelse to the project lead he can assign to the concerned person. For each and every defect there are some fields that are mandatory to be filled in person or assigned by default by the admin for the tracker, in such case comes the assignee and the cc to the other person who is in hirearchy to that developer.
I ll b posting bugs in Defect Tracker,developers will signin defect Tracker and they filter their module bugs and they ll start fixing the bugs.
By module wise bugs ll b posted to correspond developer
Hi vivek,

I assume this scenario has been asked with a person holding the position of Project Manager.

Coming to the scenario, since all the developers were equally responsible for the 7 significant and 123 minor bugs, my first priority will be to fix the 7 significant bugs thereby assigning one each relative bug to all the developers(since there were seven developers as mentioned above) after having discussion with the development team together with project leader such that at the most, the bug of the respective module goes to the concerned developer. Later on considering the impact of minor bugs vs requirement and timelines, the number count of minor bugs can be further reduced if possible and can be equally assigned within the developers to fix at the earliest.

Friends, do input your thoughts...


Thanks buddy
we found 7 significant and 123 minor bugs in a test,since all the developers were equally responsible,This should be assigned to one assistant
project leader ,He will assign to developer after discussing with them.

Some how I agree with Zakir's answer.
I m sorry to say but I think this is a useless question. No matter who so ever is responsible for all this, but the team responsibility is defect free application delivery. Hence, obviously the defects needs to be fixed any how. It will also require the application to be re-tested to uncover any regression bug introduction.
Track it back , and also depends on the priority & Sevarity of the bug,more experienced developer will do more seviere bug.

The best way is to send the bug report to the project manager because during the time of absence of the correspond developer, then the project manager will assign it someother person in their team if the bug has high priority.

You haven't mentioned how many QA people are on the project. I will assume that the number is equal to or greater than the number of developers.

Now, getting back to your question - your test strategy should list out a communication plan between the QA team and the development team. All defects should be assigned to the developers by ONE QA person. This eliminates confusion and also establishes an escalation channel if the significant defects cross the normal SLA time for resolution.


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