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Hi Friends,

I am testing a react js App. Can anyone suggest any specific area where I have to focus during testing? I am doing Manual testing. Thanks

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I  hope you are doing well in this worldwide pandemic.

I would like to share some tips with you:

  • Run tests in different browsers
  • Re-run tests on file changes
  • Consider continuous integration 
  • Test React user events
  • Test the response to those events

I would also love to share one of the top blogs to explore more about this topic:Top Software Testing Blogs 2021

Hello Shiw Kumar,

Below are some tips as per software testing services, that you can follow while doing React Apps Test:

- Run test on Both Version of OS(Android/iOS)
- Run test on all browsers to make sure that this is stable on All browsers.
- Make sure that all react events and responses are coming fine
- Perform Unit tests on priority while Development
- Integration test should be performed once the complete product is ready.

Below are some main areas which you can also keep in mind:
- Loading of dropdowns menus
- Sorting of tables
- Export of files
- Sorting of dropdown values
- Responsiveness on all screen sizes


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