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Please can anyone explain me about RA & LI Testing...

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me also wanna to know about this :)

What is RA and LI, gimme the full forms?

RA and LI testing needs to be done before products gets released...but I dont know the full form...

I have aheard about Alpha and Beta testing which are done befoe production.


Who asked you about RA and LI??? You could have asked for full forms.


If I say MR Testing exists, what does that mean??

RA means Revenue Assurance...but not sure about LI...these are two types of testing done before release of Telecom Products...

I am currently working for Telecom Product, I haven't heard about them, might your talking about Telecom Lab Testing(equipment). Let me find out.

these are the telecom related testing...for VAS platform...

Thanks for ur reply...but this is not the one...I required...this is tool ..I want simple definition of RA an LI


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