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What is difference between web application and website in testing ?

Please can anyone explain me with example..what is difference between web application and website in testing 

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Hi Jagdish,

Here Comes the Difference :---------


In a Web based application a User needs to login first then only He/She  can see any content...  User can not register himself ... only Admin has the privilege to create a User...  restricted access... usually runs on Intranet ....  basically developed for internal staff or certain number of Users only.. Can be implemented as Desktop application with Web Interface.... 


Websites :- User can see the content without login.. ( Excluding certain parts ) , User can register himself, No Admin privilege is required to register a user, No Restricted access , easily available over the internet , Basically developed for mass of the people , usually runs on internet.... can not be implemented as Desktop applications.


Note :- You can also visit the below link to have better understanding :


we have already discussed this topic long ago.  here is the discussion link



Hope It will help you..



Samrat -

hi Samrat,


   we can say the difference like this,

Web Application : Its more like interactive between the users and system(application) by user's inputs.

Website : Its like more static pages. just user can able to see the content.


Note: login authorization and all based on the application's requirements specification. we can have interactive application without any login process as guest.

If there s any comments please pass on me.



Somanathan R.


hi samrat jha

                      Thanks for reply..



Somanathan got it right. Though I don't always agree with wikipedia definitions, they have got it right for web application definition.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_application

@Samrat, @Somanathan




Both the versions are correct but the explanation of Samrat is much clear and easy to understand for starters and the version of Somanathan is for experienced guys. 

As per my knowledge A web application is a website. web applications are subset of the word website.
Definition of website is "A computer connected to the internet that maintains a series of web pages on the World Wide Web"


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