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Question for all of us - What are the tools that (you thought or experienced in any interview) companies are demanding from QA (to have must learned) in current competitive environment to get good...

Question for all of us - What are the tools that (you thought or experienced in any interview)  companies are demanding from QA (to have must learned) in current competitive environment to get good position in top companies ? Please share all your views to help each other.

Like I have experienced for Demand of Jmeter for load and performance testing.

Companies are highly asking for jmeter for load testing of their sites.

Please share your views....friends.

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Tools? In my opinion we should get familiar with concepts instead of exact tools. 25 years ago Pascal was important language. But now days if you know only Pascal, you'd be unemployed. Instead of learning Pascal, you had to learn general concept of programming.

Same is with test automation, performance testing tools etc.

To show the problem, I list here some of the tools I've used/I'm using at my work:

* Twiki for test cases and reporting
* QEMU & KVM for virtual environments
* OpenVSwitch for virtual networking
* Ruby for test automation
* tcpdump for network traffic analyze
* Python for own scripts
* Shell scripts
* Libre Office
* Text editor
* Git for version control
* Plenty of other tools which I can use to test different protocols like ftp, http, https, SIP, …

And then the most important tools:
* Color pens
* Paper

With them I create mind maps and other things which are helping me at the test planning.

Then additional tools for training and presentations:
* Whiteboard
* Pens for that

And at the past projects e.g.:
* Robot Framework
* Python
* Selenium
* JMeter
* MS Office
* Quality Center
* Java
* C
* C++
* C#

The perfect answer :) Thanks Teemu

First of all what exactly do you mean when you say QA?

Are you referring to a person as QA? If yes, then let aside the knowledge of tools you first need to learn the basics of quality and testing. By QA usually people understand Quality Assurance, which is (according to me) a process, and I don't think a person can be a process.

As far as the list of tools is considered, i guess Teemu has written a really good answer.


Milin Patel

Software Tester


As Free Software is the need of the hour, focus more on learning Free Software such as 

For Web Automation - Selenium

For Performance Testing: JMeter


Yes, Completed agree on your point According to me you can also go with the selenium automation testing tools.

The year 2020, is the year's automation so for you it would be better to learn selenium automation testing...

All the Best


QA Tester

Everyday new tool is getting introduced in market to fulfill the needs of IT. Out of all these, following are some of the highly demand-able tools by qa testing company:

A) Test Automation Tools: Selenium tool,TestComplete, SoapUI, EggPlant, Java, Docker, UFT, SpecFlow, Jmeter, Visual Studio, Selenoid, Ranorex, Cucumber, .NET, Splunk
B) Bug Tracking Tools: Bugzilla, Jira, VersionOne, Redmine, Pivotal Tracker, FogBugz, Mantis, Team Foundation Server, Trac
C) Mobile Testing Tools: Appium,BirdFlight, Xamarin Test Cloud, Xcode, Testlight,Dalvik Debug Monitor, MonkeyTalk,iPADPeektestdroid, Mobitaz,ESTASK manager, HockeyApp
D) Performance Testing Tools: Apache Jmeter, HP Load Runner, Tricentis tools, Fiddler, Blazemeter, NeoLoad,Pyload, Grinder,WAPT
F) Security Testing Tools: Nmap,Fiddler, Zed Attack Proxy,OWASP, Kali Linux, Burp Suite, Maltego, Metasploit Framework,Nexpose, Acunetix, Nessus, Sqlmap, Geekbench,Stress-NG, BURNINTEST
G) Code Review Tools: Codacy, Selenium, Ranorex, Telerik Test Studio, Visual Studio Test Professional, Mercury Quick Test Pro / WinRunner,AutomatedQA TestComplete,Cucumber,Appium,TestPlant,Borland Silk Test
H) Api-testing-tools: SOAP UI, Postman, Jmeter, Runscope RadarI) Database Testing Tools: Navicat, SQL management Studio, Smartbear Testcomplete, RedGate, tSQLt


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