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Hi Friends,

Above question i faced in interview.

What are the verification techniques u r following?

Pls let me know the answer.





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 Verification is always done with the help of Reviews. 

  Types of Review :-  1) Informal Review , 2) Technical Review ( Peer Review ) 3) Inspection 4) Walkthrough .




Samrat Jha

can give types of review explanation with example plz

A walkthrough is characterized by the author of the document under review guiding the participants through the document and his or her thought processes, to achieve a common understanding and to gather feedback. This is especially useful if people from outside the software discipline are present, who are not used to, or cannot easily understand software development documents. The content of the document is explained step by step by the author, to reach consensus on changes or to gather information.


A technical review is a discussion meeting that focuses on achieving con-sensus about the technical content of a document. Compared to inspec-tions, technical reviews are less formal and there is little or no focus on defect identification on the basis of referenced documents, intended read-ership and rules. During technical reviews defects are found by experts, who focus on the content of the document. The experts that are needed for a technical review are, for example, architects, chief designers and key users. In practice, technical reviews vary from quite informal to very formal.


Inspection is the most formal review type. The document under inspection is prepared and checked thoroughly by the reviewers before the meeting, compar-ing the work product with its sources and other referenced documents, and using rules and checklists. In the inspection meeting the defects found are logged and any discussion is postponed until the discussion phase. This makes the inspection meeting a very efficient meeting

Review is a formal meeting conducted to verify wheather the document has captured all the requirements 

Note:all the formal meetings should have input documents as well as output documents for the meeting

Inspection:it is a formal meeting conducted to verify wheather the project is implemented as per the defined process

Walk through is an informal meeting to identify the gaps in the task performed or document prepared.

Hi Guys

Thanks for all


Are they asking what type of verification process you have been part of? example - Waterfall, Incremental, Agile, Test Driven Development etc.

Hi Larry W. Shackelford,

They ask me only verification Technique.

Thanks for advice.


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