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What is different between Test cases and System Test cases?

What is different between Test cases and System Test cases

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i have given

if we are describing a single functionality with the out come is called the test case....wheras if we describe the app from startin of the app to ending this describing can say system testcases...

test cases fr several functionalities can combinely caled as system testcases.

what ever test cases we write max comes under system testing.

guys common :)

As per my understanding this question is not correct. I mean this is not logical question.

I think according to my understanding Test case is nothing but Test Idea. System is collection of elements who interacts continuously with each other.

Now tell me your question is comparing test cases with system test cases. Does test case has any category? If I would look at test cases then it might like installation test cases, function test cases, security test cases or usability test cases.

It depends on the test technique which you are going to use, based on that you would come up with different test ideas.

Though we call System testing but there is no special technique called system testing. System is your application under test and that resides in test computer but your computer is also another system. So you need to understand the meaning of system.

i agree with u... the ques is not correct.

read my comment also.

Sorry but u r asking the difference b/w test cases and system cases,where both are same things... we write test cases for the projects, it covers the whole system including each and every modules, and the cases we write for doing system testing then its a system test cases, thats it... the main thing is test cases, that are the key points that we write to use for doing testing..

thanx dost, but i got this quest in inteview thats why i asked

ok then wht was ur ans... ?

Test Cases : Test Cases we write based on requirement include the functional levels

 System test case :We Write the System test case based Functionality impact across the application

For instance ,System Test cases

Attachment icon should be display if Attachment (doc,txt) is available in server only

Attachment icon should not be display if Attachment is not in server

1.Attach the attachment ,Verify the List view whether attachment icon  is displayed or not

2.Export the Attachment records in Excel sheet verity whether Attachment able to aces using excel sheet

 3.if Possible  have a provision to delete the attachment From Front end , Verify whether Attachment icon is displayed or not

4.if Possible  have a provision to delete the attachment From Front end ,Export Record ,Verify in Excel sheet whether Attachment link is display ,and unable to aces

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confuse about exact answer.....

Simple answer is,



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