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What is different between Test cases and System Test cases?

What is different between Test cases and System Test cases

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Yes. Test cases can be a test case of an individual module or individual application, rather than a System Test Case which is the test of the system as a whole. For example a system test case could be an iphone application testing the application on the system that it is running on. rather than the test case which would be just a test of the application not as the system as a whole.

Thanx Tej singh, as per other comments , ur ans is correct..

   A test case is a test case doesn't matter for which level of testing it has been designed ........


hi friends, i did r&D of this question myself........

i am giving my view plz see and reply.......

Test caes - which is generated only from requirement.

System Test caes- which is generated from functionality which is not a part of requirement bcz we cant develop a system only with requirement.

Please discuss if abive ans is incorrect.

Interesting but its not True.

can u explain plz?

What is the functionality not part of requirements and more over why are you testing it?

if u ll come in practical life of testing and requirements........

u cant develop complete system with exact requirement.  

that was my view but please u tell difference between them.

System tests are usually "black box" tests since we are testing the application without seeing the source code.  The purpose of a test case is to describe how you intend to empirically verify that the software being developed conforms to the specifications. In other words, you need to be able to show that it can correctly carry out its intended functions. The test case should be written with enough clarity and detail that it could be given to an independent tester and have the tests properly carried out.

IF any thing goes wrng plz correct me


not satisfied ans

can u plz


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