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I was reading a post WHY testers are blamed?.
in last replies i saw that two peoples was talking about static testing done by dev. or tester. i'm new in testing i don't think that unit/integration testing is static testing. but now i'm confused please help me.

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see the static nd dynamic are categories of test design testing..

Static Testing  mean testing of a component or system at specification or implementation level without execution of that software. ex: Reviews or static analysis..

Static testing techniques includes:

1.Informal Reviews,


3.Technical Review,


5.Static Analysis: (a) Data Flow, (b) Control Flow.


Dynamic Testing: Testing  that involves the execution of software component or system .

Dynamic Testing s in 3 types:

1.Structure Based(Normally done by developers also know as white box or structural techniques)

a)Statement Coverage,

b)Decision Coverage,

c)Condition Coverage,

d)Multiple Condition Coverage.


2)Experienced Based(Black box Technique)

a) Error Guessing,

b) EXploratory Testing.


3) Specification Based( Black Box technique)

a)Equivalence Partition,

b)Boundary Value Analysis,

c)Decision Tables,

d)State Transition,

e)Use Case Testing.


Static Testing is done by both developers and testers..

Dynamic Testing is also done by both.. only white box testing is done by developers i,e.,Unit Testing and also Unit Integrating Testing. Apart from this all testing is done by testers itself..




  I am quite Convinced by Your reply but Let me correct you .. Actually  You did a blunder by writing : " static nd dynamic are categories of test design testing.." :  See :-  Static and Dynamic are the Testing Techniques not the Test design techniques .. In fact test cases are never written for Static testing . It is done with the help of Cheklists... 


2) Unit Integration testing ( Also called Component Integration testing /  Integration testing and Sometimes known as Integration testing in the small )  is done both by the Developers and Testers .. ( Ideally done by Integration testers ) ... But let me be very clear that being a Black Box tester , A tester is only responsible for testing the functionality of the Integration.


 Unit : Structural testing 

 Integration : Both Structural and Functional

 System :- Functional 

 UAT :- Functional ............  


Note :- If need be  depending upon the Complexity of the System both the Structural and Functional testing can be done on Each and Every levels of testing .. Strange but True ...



Samrat Jha..

verification comes under static.

validation comes under dynamic


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