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<QTP>Here is one question that keep on making me blank, Can any one answer to my question plz?

Hi all,

Here is one question that keep on making me blank

There is one web table with n' no of rows and columns. Its first column is with Radio button or check boxes and its last(it can be any) column is with a button or link. As an input we are passing one value in first column. We need to select one check box and click on the button of that row in the last column.


WebTable - Donations
First column - Account Names
Last Column - Donate. (Buttons)

Here We are passing the Account Name. Check boxes are displayed with account names. So select the particular check box and click on Donate button from the last column of the selected account.

I hope the question is clear..

Please help..

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How many values you are passing to first column in table?

If answer is only 1 then here you go:

Use index property if you are using DP to identify corresponding check box and button (I believe all check box and button / link names should be unique).

Let me know if you need more info.




Hi Gouri,


For webtable we have a function called ChildItem(Row,col,objtype,index) check this function in QTP.Suppose we want to click a button present in 2nd row and 3rd col then


Set objWebTableButton =objBrowser.objFrame.WebTable("Account Names").ChildItem(2,3,"WebButton",0)


This will click the 1st button present in 2nd row n 3rd col (as you know the col name and you r passing the value for 1st col so you can identify the row number and col names using getcelldata method)


Let me know if you face any problem.





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