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I use QTP 11 trial version.

I recorded a login action in a windows application. Please find below the recorded script:

Window("DataManager Log in").WinObject("administrator").Type "administrator"

Window("DataManager Log in").WinObject("administrator").Type  micTab

Window("DataManager Log in").WinObject("12345").Type "12345"

The issue is: Whatever I type in "User name" and "Password" fields, it gets displayed in WinObject (red colored). Due to this issue, replay does not work at all.

Please let me know, how to correct this.



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  • From u'r post I understand that you are planning to input dynamic value. but you want to know that the recorded scripts will have the hardcoded values

  • instead you can pass the value from data table.

I do not know, what to enter in WinObject. It did not recognize the WinObject during replay.

If I enter "abcd" in user name field during recording, then the script will be:

Window("DataManager Log in").WinObject("abcd").Type "abcd"

The WinObject value keeps on changing as the input during recording.

 i think ur recording in web application. but u open the browser before opening the qtp. so first close browser. Open Qtp then open browser than Record.


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