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QTP throws error while using Select statement on SwfComboBox


I am facing a strange behavior of QTP 10.0. When ever i try using the "Select" statement on SwfComboBox, QTP is giving an error message ("General run error").



oParent.SwfComboBox(swfname:=MethodControl).Select "Show Dialog"

If I use like the above statement i am getting this error. Even i tried specifying the index of the value in the combo box. But still i am getting this error.


If anybody has ever come  accross similar issue please share your experience with me.


Thanks in Advance

Best Regards,
Bibin Babu

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am also had experiencing similar problen in my script while executing, even all the lines  are having valid synatax


Hi Girish,

Thanks for the reply. Have u got any solution for this? Currently I am using the "Type" method for selecting the value. But this is not a permanent solution. Just to complete the scripting task I had used this "Type" method. Need to find out a solution. Please let me know if u come across any good solution to this issue……..


Best Regards,


could you send you gmail id which is the best way to communicate and solve our problems.. and will try to give a solution for this problem


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