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QTP not able to recognize Link "Friends" on user profile page(on Facebook)

Hi Friends

while working with QTP i have find one problem as QTP was unable to identify the "Friends" link on facebook user profile page. will you please look in to the same and let me know the solution.

i was using DP and using following code.

Browser("micclass:=Browser", "name:=Heera Singh").Page("micclass:=Page","title:=Heera Singh").Link("text:=Friends (231)","html tag:=A").Click

It was throwing following error:

Cannot identify the object "[ Link ]" (of class Link). Verify that this object's properties match an object currently displayed in your application.

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Hi Heera...

It worked fine for me...

Can you please try these properties.

Browser("name:=Harish.*").Page("title:=Harish.*").Link("text:=Friends.*", "abs_x:=410", "abs_y:=502").Click

Please change the title of the page , abs_x and abs_y values as recognized by object spy.

Good luck :)

Hi Harish,

Thanks for your help buddy.

I have tried this Link("text:=Friends.*", "abs_x:=410") and was working fine.

it will not work if we put abs_y:=502 because its not constant and will change at each run.

But i wanted to know that why did you choose abs_x:=410 property to identify the object.As when i added that link to my OR i found that ("text:=Friends (231)","html tag:=A") descriptive properties were there to identify the object.

Will you please help me to describe it.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Heera,

Sorry was busy with some other work could not reply to ur message...

No specific reason for choosing abs_x and abs_y... by seeing the error message ... understood that it was unable to identify the friends link... One of the reason why these two tags.... ("text:=Friends (231)","html tag:=A") alone did not work could be because smart identification being enabled (its just a wild guess).

browser("name:=Manu Gowdru").page("title:=Manu Gowdru").link("text:=Friends.*","abs_x:=190").Click

works absolutely fine



Yes but it has also prob when you run your script for another PC with different height and width of screen.

browser("name:=Manu Gowdru").page("title:=Manu Gowdru").link("index:=1","text:=Friends.*").Click

use ordinal identifiers,here am using index property




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