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QTP not able to identify objects of windows based application



I have demo version of qtp. I am working on windows based application (based on .Net), but Object Spy not able to recognize the objects, its only displaying WinObject for all objects.


Can anybody help me on this as soon as possible.


Thanks in Advance


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There would be 2 possibilities here.
1.Always you need to QTP first then application next if u tried vice versa there is a possibility not recognizing properly.
2.Try once Low level recording and check whether it is recording in that recording mode.
3. Final is as it was a demo version you are missing the Dot net Add-in in the Add-In-Manager where you will get in the permanent license add-in.
i agree with Anil Babu said
and also take limited addins while opening qtp
and also uncheck wpf control addin some times qtp will not recognize the .net object if we select wpf addin
if you don't mine, can you send me your application url..will try.
Hi Sasidhar,

Actually my application is not a web application, it is windows based application and its exe is persently to big to attach.
are you using virtual machine or regular

This problem not only occurs in demo version it sometimes happens in licensed version too in rare times.
All you need to do in such cases is just close both your application and qtp and open again freshly it will work

I think U can do one thing ...
Go to Bin folder where the QTP has been install and just open mic.ini file
And there u can see some Processor name will be there
And just give your application processore name over there and Restart QTP

Can you please explain this in detail that which processor name i need to write and which section of this mic.ini file (I am working on windows based application).



Hi  Saurabh Das,

      Just add your .Net Processor Name in this hooks "[acx_hook]" and "[real_hook]"

Let me know if you are Still facing this issue ..

It'll not work because .Net application associated with WPF (Windows Presentation form).

So you want to make it QTP work then you need to add .Net Add-in for that,then it'll definitely identify the application properly.



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