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QTP - How to work with two different application at the same time????

There was an interview question like , there are two different applications , you opened the two , now you want to

work with the two applications while using qtp without stopping the QTP Recording . Any one has idea please help me.



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You can work with only single instance of QTP on the same machine, But QTP itself can work on multiple instances of the Application Under Test (AUT). Ex:  QTP can handle multiple IE browser windows. we cant work with two applications atatime,

correct me if i am wrong



Of Course Sudha,

You can work with 2 diff applications at a time even without stop recording.

But the thing is You have to configure QTP as record and Run on any opened applications(Bothh Web and Windows) in Automation->record and run settings->select the radio button record and Run on any opened applications for both Web and Windows.


@Venkat,You are absolutely correct.You can work with only single instance of QTP on the same machine



suresh ch

Thanks Deva
Thanks suresh for your information. Let me try and post the reply.

Hi Suresh,


How many ways are there for about this QT?

Give me reply pl



Thanks Venkat.


its k no prob yar




Yes you can do -- by browser identification property as "name" do not use creation time


NOte: Make two application browser names should be differency






Object Identification varies from Application to Application,

We cant say Default property for any object.....

Only thing is Use Spying and develop the code. 

yes u rite, that's the reason we have configurate Object identification to distinguish b/w two browser,


hope you got it,

what is need for spy and develop code, as here the need is to record.




Developing the script is two types.

1.By recording

2.Descriptive Programming


OF Course we are more comfortable with Recording,Then what is the need of DP???

1.Of Course While developing the code using DP takes more time,Execution becomes very fast.


Because,While using recording mode script,During execution in order to identify every object ,QTP need to refers OR(for every time)..Obviously performance becomes slow.

Where as in case of DP,We will provide the Object Properties there it self,So that tool can  easily identify the object.

Obviously performance becomes Fast.


2.In order to handle the dynamically properties changing Object,We Usually encourage the DP.


3.Suppose There is requirement like,we need to prepare the script Without any build (Mean Parallel to manual test cases ) ,Then We Usually encourage the DP.


NOTE:If its there is lot of time to develop the script Then we will prefer DP.




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