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Hello, I am new in QTP. Can anyone help me to solve a problem? I have Action1 and Action2. I called Action2 from Action1. In Action2 I have input1, Input2 And Output1 as input and output parameters. In Action 1 I wrote Input1 = 10, Input2 = 30,  Dim Output and then RunAction "Action2", Input1, Input2, Output1. then MsgBox Output1

In Action2 I have --- Parameter ("Output1") =  Parameter ("Input1") + Parameter ("Input2")

But when I execute the test case it only shows 1030 not the addition of the two values. What is the error in the code, can anyone please explain me?

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It is simple.  Usually Parameter accepts only strings hence you are getting 1030 instead of 40.

You need to do INT conversion before Parameter.  Try this:

Int ( Parameter ("Input1")) + Int ( Parameter ("Input2")) 


Thank you for your help


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