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QTP Add-in doubt. (what is the difference of this web and .Net or java based web application?)

Hi Friends,

I have one doubt, In QTP we have 3 built in add-ins (ActiveX, Vb and Web). Actually we are doing web applications by using (.NET, Java, Orcle ...etc). To test .Net or Java project we need to purchase the corresponding QTP add-ins. All are actually belongs to web applications only. Then why we personally purchase it as spl addin. I mean for example "Axisbank.com" web site is actually done by using .Net or java. To test this axis bank site in qtp we need to purchase corresponding add-in. But axisbank.com is also a web application. By default QTP provide web add-in. Then what is the difference of this web and .Net or java based web application (Add-ins)?

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Hi Raja,

If you are testing web based application (Axisbank.com) you don't need any separate add ins. But if you are testing application of JAVA, .Net or Oracle  then you need to go for additional add in.

Web add-in is only for web based application, Irrespective to the platform or language used to develop the web application.

where as .Net or Java Add-ins are specific for Java based or .Net based application.

Let me know if you are still confused.


Lokesh K



Still small confusion frnd, for example Qualitytesting.info website developed by using .Net. Now i want to test this site with default web add-in. Is it possible? or do i need purchase .Net add-in for this?

Hi Rajashekar,


If you are testing web based application, you don't need any separate add ins. It is based on Controls used in web applications. if webcontrols used, no need to purchase addin's. if java or .net or some other technology used in the applications u have to purchase respective addin



Rajashekar nallapati

Generally, there are two types of application i.e., windows and web application. This might be w.r.t the programming/scripting language which it has been developed. "Web" addin in QTP dealt with web application which ever programming language it might be. But .Net or .java addins are for windows applications.




Balaji Galla

I wont agree with your explanation Balaji.( .Net or .java addins are for windows applications.)


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