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Hi all,

could you pease help me out from this issue as i am facing.

Is QTP 10 support IE 8 or not if yes please tell me the solution to resolve my issue.

I am using window 7 and QTP is identifying browser objects as winobjects.

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if it installed properly then check the recording settings once and one more solution prepare the script in Descriptive and execute once that script then u r able create the Obj repository scripts also.

if that installation is having prob then Run patch for QTP-windows7 thn it wil work..

I am working last 4 month on IE8 with QTP(10.0) it’s working properly.

Hi Rajasekhar,

if you are launchign ie through systemutil.run just change the code as below.

systemutil.run "C:\Program files (x86) \Internet explorer\explorer.exe",www.google.com"

othere wise you should be disable user acceptance control in control panel,

as also check the qtp installed propertly or not and also record settings.


let me know if you are still facing the issue.


Hi Anish,

I was installed qtp in a correct way and also i tried through systemutil.but still qtp is notable to identify IE8.

You can try this:

In Automation Menu, select Record and Run settings option.

You will get a dialog box where select Web Tab and select Record & Run on any open browser option.

Note: You should select Web Addin in Addin Manager.

Hi Subbu,

I tried but still not resolved.

do u have any Existed Script then simply execute that one ur problem wil solve..

install qtp patches for windows 7 support

I added you as my friend, come to chat i can help you

By the way:

You should open QTP first then IE later.  try this.

Hi Raja...

Do the following steps:

1.Go to internet options.

2.Select security tab.

3.Now uncheck the 'Enable Protected Mode' check box.

4. Now Close the browser and restart it.

I hope it will help you.

Hi pradeep,

Thanks a lot it is working now.

Hi Rajshekhar,

It was a common problem with QTP 10.0 you can apply QTP 10.0 Patch provided by HP for its support to IE-8.

Even I faced the same problem but after applying the patch its working fine for Win-7 (32 bit).


Atulya Krishna
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