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I have a lot of experience in software testing and took many interviews from candidates of different levels.

Now I am interested in improving the quality of interviews with the candidate for automation and QA engineer.

I am familiar with a lot of theoretical questions which you can use during the interview. In fact, it does not matter at what level the candidate (junior, middle, senior) you are watching, it often turns out that the candidate has learned the theory by heart.
I would like to use practical exercises for manual testers. For example, the presence of several different fields in which there will be certain bugs (for example, 20), and the requirement from the interviewer to find them within a certain time. You will check the result, what types of bugs were found, summarize and evaluate the candidate's knowledge.

This process can be used for automation testers as well, and why not. But for them there is another method, you can take any website, give test case actions and demand their execution in any programming language.

What do you think about this and what ideas do you have?

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