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just want to know about your opinion as far as your experience and industry knowledge is concerned.

I got around 1 years of experience as a QA Analyst. what i see the usual trend is the Developers are always led down the QA resource. They always thought that the QA is an additional burden as terms the project cost estimations and planning. More the Dev usually have the mind set that they are superior then the QA. i want to know about the exact worth of QA in an organization and the ways to minimize such misconception about QA.

I wish all of you to comment on this. Please do mention your experience
Thanks, Ammad

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Hi Ammad,

Yes in traditional SDLC the emphasize of QA as a separate vertical was not there. But in the latest SDLC, QA is treated as a parallel vertical along with development rather QA have upper hand and got to be more active than ever.

Only client is superior to everyone in the project and rest of them all are equal but not identical.

You are asking me,
Which is heavy 1 kg weight or 1 kg cotton??
Is it worth asking? who QA/Dev is worthy>> Ask your PM will say Dev, ask your client/end user will say QA.

Gone are the days of doing it ...it's now do it right... This is possible with QA only..

QA roles is much wider, in modern testing...QA is next to client... you know who and what a client is right?
Software has to change a lot than current, that's why you see major MNC have 1:3 or 1: 2 ratio of Dev:QA. QA are highly paid than Dev in many firms...

Yes, it's a misconception that Testing is a not big deal I agree>> but ensuring that big deal > is a big deal.

These all misconceptions arise due to the current testing anatomy, in modern testing anatomy...
1) Defect Prevention
2) End User perspective in QC
3) Adherence to yeilding process
4) Efficient use of tools
5) Expansion of QC to every corner ...

QA has a wider role to play than regular dev...

Ways to avoid or minimize the misconception are,
1) Spreading the Knowledge & importance of QA
2) Prevention activities
3) Involvement of QA every where
4) Measuring the customer or end user satisfaction
5) Stressing on how QA ensure efficiency w.r.t the project constraints (Cost, Effort or Time).

Thanks Abu Bakar very impressive reply....


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