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Python used to develop Automated Test Scripts / frameworks?

I am working for a client in Cambridge UK, who are looking for an automation and manual tester with experience of developing automated test scripts and/or frameworks using a scripting language (Python).


I am finding this a more difficult set of skills to locate within the Cambridge area.


Can anybody provide me with any extra help on where I can find people with this kind of experience, or advise me on where best to advertise this kind of position?


Kind regards



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Iam a python developer , i have developed automation framework using python as scripting language.

Hi Shridhar,

Can you share your framework with me or kindly help me to generate reports for Python unit test.


Bittu Philip

Hi Richard,

You may want to use Linked-in. i think you main issue is that UK doesn't use scripting languages for PME. I worked in the UK 2006. Look for a Developer, NOT a Test Engineer to develop the platform for the automation scripts. When this is done use a Test Engineer to maintain the scripts, and run as needed.

I have been a Automation Engineer for 10+ years, and see the shift from Automation Tools to Frameworks and scripting. This is an easy job for a developer. A big challenge for a Quality Assurance Engineer!

Good luck Richard,
Maxwell Mattison
Performance Management Engineering


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