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Hello Testers,

Greeting for the day!

I would like announce a challenge to testers.

Here is the puzzle -


> A to E are integers from 0-9
> Each letter has unique number

so it is not allowed to have A =1, B =1

If you have any question then please drop a mail to me

The condition is if you would find the solution then you are going to
explain how did you arrive to the solution. What is the reasoning
behind the choosing a particular path.

Send your answer to my email id: savitamunde@gmail.com with subject line (Qualitytesting.info: puzzle your name)

Prize: Winner would get 5 hours of skype sessions on Software Testings
free of cost. (Sessions will be designed as per winner's requirement)

Last date to submit your answer is: 4th May 2012

All the best!

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Sent mail check it......

Sent to your gmail id.

 sent the solution for the puzzle....

I have sent in the reply to your Gmail. It was nice solving them. Thanks for giving a puzzle like this.

"Sent the solution for the puzzle.... to your gmail".

  Hi Nice challenge and awesome prize...

Lets try, if we didnt try lets share the answer at last



Hi Savitha,
My Name is Sankar and My Mail id: sankaricd@gmail.com i have forwarded the answer of puzzle plz check

the Answer is 21978 *4= 87912






Announcing the winner of the puzzles reverse digit-

These kinds of problems are solved by trial and error method because 5
digits mean around 99999 possibilities. And it is quit not possible to
search the number through these possibilities. It would take long

There is no algorithm available to solve such kind of problem. You can
come up with ideas which might help you to solve this problem.  In
Polya’s book of ‘How to solve the problem’, these ideas are called the
Heuristic. Later on James bach & Cem kaner came up with the definition
of ‘Heuristic’.

‘Heuristic is fallible method to solve the problem’.

Ideas like prime factors or mod might have helped you to come up with
the answer.

If you would see generally these methods are not part of mathematics
field however they belong to Computer Science.

If you are a Computer science student then you would understand how
Articifical Intelligence designs their systematic trial and error
method to come up with best possible path.

When we do not know how to solve a particular problem then we do use
trial and error method. We use lot of heuristics to decide which paths
are worth looking at.

I hope you understand the intention behind of this puzzle.

I got very good response from testers. Here is the list of
participants who shared their answers and would like to congratulate
for their participation.

1.      Poorna Sri
2.      Sandeep Kumar
3.      Jagdeesh Kumar
4.      Anupama
5.      Ali MM
6.      Kunal Jagtap
7.      Anuradha
8.      Kotla Lakshmi Kanth Reddy
9.      Debashish
10.     Narendra G
11.     Arun Kumar D
12.     Itisha Jain
13.     Kajal Vajani

The winner is Debashish.. Congrats

Reason: His way of answering the problem was very original and he did
it through trial and error method.

Winner, Kindly let us know by email (savitamunde@gmail.com), time and
date when you are comfortable in skype sessions on topic of your
choice in software testing.

Thanks for your participation…


Thanks Debashish...

thanks savita at last you announced the winner




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