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Can anyone please share how to test the application and make sure that all the major functionalities are working fine at the time of Production Deployment ?

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you just validate the major funtionality by using sanity test cases..

Check the new features and existing major functionality, its enough. I think. 

Hi Rajesh,

during the production deployment we need to test the below things for webapplication

  1. Verify the url maintenance page is being displayed.
    (Go to the application ex:(www.xxxx.com) when server is down for maintenance,Check the response headers (firebug > net addon)
    X-Powered-By PHP/5.2.11)

And after deployment 

1>verify the version

2>verify by logging in with existed member(if possibility is there to create a test data on production)

3>verify all the links and tabs

4>hit all the all application servers to see whther we are getting responces from all or not

5>and if the application allow basic member we can enroll as a basic member and also we can check all the page s on enrollment flows


We can do User Acceptance Testing (UAT)



You would check whether the client requirements are met and are bug free.

If you have their requirements and if it is a bug free tool, then your software is ready to be


1.check with the client environment how the appli s responding?

2.do check with functionality testing

3.do integration testing

4.finally check with the end user and get his status on how he/she feeling with d software

5.browser compatibility

if the above mentioned points wr fullfilled then ur software is ready to deploy... 

We can check this before prod migration , 1 ) regression testing should complete  sucessfully.

2) UAT should complete  sucessfully.

Like everyone said,

1. Regression testing is most important.

2. Do smoke and sanity tests : check if all links are working. Check whether the basic functionality is working.

3. Check for Version numbers, images(if any).

4. Depending on previous issues, go through the most commonly walked paths (only under basic flows).

  Rajesh ,

       Your question has surprised me ....!    Humm ... My Point is, Why do you want to test only Major functionalities before Production deployment ..??   What about the minor functionalities ..???

Okay okay ... The answer to your question is :   Perform the formal System testing . thats it..  and don't forget that UAT is done on the Staging server itself...  


Samrat Jha

Technical Executive

QT Team.


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