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HI friends,

I have a problem in phasing interviews. They ask questions in such a way that our project never followed the procedures asked in the interview. In that situation my mind becomes balnk and i couldn't answer any. I have been phasing this situation in many interviews and have lost many opportunities.

Can anyone guide me how to answer in this kind of situations and also give few tips for interview preparation. 

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Project never Had: No project in the world will have all the answers of interviews addressed  When you introduced yourself you have to tell what you know/worked on>> this way you can convey the interviewer what you are. If he  questions you IF you know the theoretical answer then say or else say NO nothing to worry. Don't let interviewer explore your mind, confine him to your words.

Mind Becomes blank: When you are short of answers and confused obviously mind will be blocked. tension nai leneka deneka! practice MIRRORING to avoid such situation.

Everyone here can guide, including few greats of testing.

Thanku siddiq :)

Siddiq is right and ofcourse most Interviewers asks what they are practising in their office.. so its expected to ignore what we do... if u know theory then say it else say that ur organisation follow this process... finally EOD everything depends on how we convince and how confident you are.


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