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Hi friends,


Recently i learnt "Selenium IDE" now trying to learn "Selenium RC".


I downloaded selenium server from "http://seleniumhq.org/download/" under "Selenium Server (formerly the Selenium RC Server)"  now iam not able to find the jar file which they have mentioned in the set up instruction.


Iam stuck in setting up server itself please help me in doing set up.

Please let me know how to proceed next


Thanks and Regards,

C.Shree Lakshmi.

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Hi Shree,

Please find screen shot claririty for your doubt, i prepared document for configuration with selenium server and ecklipse editor.let me know need any help.




Good morning.

First of all thanks for replying to my question.


I think you have forgotten to attach the screen shot.


if possible can u share Selenium RC document




C.Shree Lakshmi

Did you download selenium-server-standalone-2.1.0.jar




If so, that is the server. If not, then you did not download the selenium server.


run it with java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.1.0.jar


sorry , iam unable to share docus here. send me your id then i will send u


Good morning.


First of all thanks for replying to my question.


My mail Id is laxmi.choodamani@gmail.com. You can send document to this mail id.



C.Shree Lakshmi.





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