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Can any one give me detailed description of Priority and Severity..?

Can any one give me detailed description of Priority and Severity..?

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for suppose yahoomail is launching in few days, it is misspelt as yahomail

here priority is more and severity is less.

generally severity is nothing but its impact and prioroty is importance

Hi Garima,

priority -- importance of the bug with respect to the application. This is assigned by TL or developer, which is used to how early it should  be fixed.. Stages: - p1, p2, p3, p4 and p5

Seviority -- seriousness of the bug with respect to the function in the application.  This is assigned by Tester or Test lead or Team lead... This bug gives the information of function. 

Stages: Critical, Major, Moderate and minor (this may differ for process oriented management tool)



Read blogs of this website. 

Priority is based on Severity of the bug. Priority is associated with scheduling and severity is associated with more of standards.

For example 1: If you have found a show stopper bug, then the severity of the bug will be "Critical" and the priority of the bug will be "HIGH".

For example 2: If you have found a bug that was related cosmetic or field validation then the bug severity will be "Minor" and the priority of the bug will be "Low".

Hope I make you clear. Also, correct me If I am wrong.

severity: This is assigned by the tester.severity of a defect is set based on the issue's seriousness..it can be stated as mentioned

Priority: this will be set by the team lead or the project lead.based on the severity and the time constraint that the module has the priority will be set

In simple words, severity depends on the harshness of the bug. In simple words, priority depends on the urgency with which the bug needs to be fixed.

Priority is the measurement  from the business perspective .. severity is the measurement from functionality perspective.   Say For example :

System is crashing , while login - The issue is high priority ,high severity.

Needs to change the icon color in 2nd page of the web site -- The issue is high priority, low severity.. please let me know , if you are not clear   

Severity-It state that impact of the defect in your application.

How to decide the severity level If we have a severity level Critical,High,medium,low

Criticial-You are not able to proceed for the next level of testing for a module or entire application.

High-Functional defect which does not stop you for further testing of the module.

Medium-Can be a functional and GUI defect which does not impact much in your application.But defect has to fixed before go live.

Low-Typo or UI defects.

Priority-How much emergency required to fix the defect. Based on the defect raised be testing team development team need to be decided which defect has to fixed first.

Generally,it is decided by Development TL based on severity.But it vary organization by organization.

That will be decided by the TL, development Lead or some times Project manager and client itself.

Hope this will help you!


I read so many replies on this thread, I want to add few lines in it because people get confused with these two terms and there are number of deciding factor:

Severity: Decided by developers or dev lead, Arch, etc... because this is one which is derived based on impact on code or application. Let say, once you login and click on my account, Application become hanged or crashed, then it is major impact on the application.

Priority: - It is derived from Business point of view and (Some org)in which phase you are. If you are into just development phase and logo resolution or size is not correct then it would  be P3 but you are entering into UAT and same this is there then it is P3 because business will never accept such application even there is no Functional issues. So Priority is to decided how quickly a defect needs to be fixed and always derived from business point of view.

Severity - its in tester context, in issue reporting, indicate how much important the issue is

Priority - its in developer context, in issue fixing, indicate how early he/ she needs to fix it

Priority : Defines by Developer

severity : Defines by Tester

Priority means how urgent we need to fix the bug, Severity means what is the impact of that bug on application.

everity describes the seriousness of the bug.

Due to a bug a total module may not be accessed.For example

bug1: if "Application"button  is clicked then it should open the application form page. If the button click does not work then it can be described as severity is "high".

bug2: If the click of "Application" button opens the application page but the details needs to be displayed in the current page are not displayed then it can be described as severity is "medium".

bug3: If the caption of the "Application" button is misspelled as "Aplication" then it can be described as severity is "low"

Priority describes what is the bug which needs to be fixed at the earliest. This is normally decided by the PM.

For example in the above case if the "application module" need not be submitted immediately then bug1 and bug3 may be given "high" priority where as bug2 may be given priority "low"

In the above case if the "application module" has to be given immediately then all the three bugs bug1,bug2,bug3 are given "high" priority.


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