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Hi Team

I am R.Subramanian. Since i wanted to enrich my career in Performance Testing i am planning to start with JMeter.What are the prerequisite for the same. I want to start with a small exercise by preparing the Performance Test Strategy scenarios for wordpress.com.
Can somebody from the group explain all these in detail. i will prepare and share for review here.Expecting your inputs.

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For beginner level you don't need to know anything special, common understanding of HTTP protocol main methods would be enough. 

In general building a JMeter test scenario looks as follows:

  1. Prepare test "skeleton". At this stage you need just record your test scenario via HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder. See Apache JMeter Proxy Step by Step guide for instructions.
  2. When your test draft is ready you should performcorrelation (identifying dynamic parameters and handling them) and parametrisation (with i.e. CSV Data Set Config).
  3. Verify your test works fine with 1-2 virtual users using View Results Tree listener 
  4. Add Virtual Users according to your test scenario
  5. Run your test
  6. Analyse results. 

For further JMeter mastering refer toThe Ultimate JMeter Resource List - the most comprehensive collection of JMeter-related materials over the Internet


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